ProDone provides complete clothing alteration services. We pride ourselves on providing you with quality alterations each and every time you visit us. From a simple jeans hem, to altering your wedding or ball dress for your special day, ProDone is here to help. We will ensure that your garments fit perfectly, with all our work backed by Our Guarantee, so you know that we care about what we do!

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pants, jeans, skirts and dress hems
  • Shortening and lengthening sleeves
  • Resizing e.g. taking-in/letting-out waists
  • Hi Vis workwear alterations and repairs
  • School uniform resizing and mending
  • Zipper & button replacements
  • tapering
  • Complete alterations for velvet & silk
  • Leather garments
  • Mending rips and applying patches
  • Alterations and repairs to lined garments
  • Wedding / Evening gown alterations
  • School Ball dresses
  • Menswear
  • Men’s formal wear
  • Sportswear
  • Christening gown alterations

We have over 300 unique alterations that we can complete, if you don’t see what you need come in and see us. Looking for more information? Please feel free to Contact Us.


Replace button Starting at … $3.50
Replace pants button Starting at … $5.00
Pants rehem (per leg) Starting at … $6.50
Patches & mending Starting at … $7.50
Replace waist stud Starting at … $7.50
Close front pockets Starting at … $8.00
Creasing Starting at … $10.00
Shorten straps on shirts & dresses Starting at … $15.00
Replace half pocket in pants/jeans Starting at … $15.00
Pant/ Skirt zipper replacement Starting at … $17.00

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