Revamp Your Wardrobe with Confidence!

Say goodbye to ill-fitting or unused clothing – our specialised Resizing & Restyling service is the key to a wardrobe that perfectly complements your shape and style. Whether you’ve experienced weight changes or simply want to breathe new life into your favorite pieces, we have the expertise to make your clothes fit like a dream.

If you’ve gained or lost weight and dread the idea of buying a whole new wardrobe, worry not! Our complete suit, shirt, or pant alterations will ensure your clothes fit comfortably, saving you time and money. We take pride in providing meticulous alterations to keep you looking and feeling great.

Love that skirt that effortlessly transitions from office wear to evening outings? Let us preserve its charm with our skilled skirt alterations, ensuring you continue to slay in your favorite piece.

But why stop there? Sometimes our beloved clothing loses its allure after a few wears. That’s where our Restyling service comes in. With a few expert nips and tucks, we can transform almost any item into a fashionable statement piece. From shortening a gown for a chic summer dress to converting wide-leg pants into a snug-fitting skinny style, our team knows how to add that special touch.

Don’t let your closet be cluttered with clothes that no longer fit – let ProDone help you rediscover the joy of wearing outfits you love. Our Resizing & Restyling service will have you stepping out with confidence, embracing your unique style and perfectly tailored garments. Experience the transformation – your wardrobe awaits!

Examples of our Resizing & Restyling service

  • Blazer alterations for formals or work
  • Jacket alterations for warmer weather
  • Pants transformed into capris or shorts
  • Strapless shirts or dresses revamped into spaghetti straps
  • Bridesmaid dresses restyled into elegant cocktail dresses
  • Trench coats turned into stylish pea coats

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Resize and restyle

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