Repair Services

At ProDone, we understand that finding the perfect fit for your newly purchased dress, suits, or pants can be a challenge. Hours of online research and browsing in stores may leave you unsure about which size to choose. Whether you were contemplating between S, M, L, or XL, or deliberating between size 8, 10, or 12, achieving the ideal fit can be elusive.

The truth is, designers and manufacturers cannot mass-produce garments to perfectly fit each individual due to our unique body shapes, sizes, and preferences. Additionally, our bodies undergo changes in shape and weight over time, adding to the complexity.

Fear not, for this is where our clothing alterations and repair service comes to the rescue. From jeans, pants, jackets, and coats to skirts, uniforms, shirts, and t-shirts, we have the expertise to tailor each piece to your specific measurements, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit. With our repair service, we can also work magic in restoring and repairing your beloved clothing, breathing new life into your wardrobe. With ProDone, your clothing will be transformed to complement your unique body shape and reflect your individual style, leaving you feeling confident and looking impeccable. Say goodbye to ill-fitting attire, and trust us to create a personalized wardrobe that suits you perfectly.

Other services to consider are our Resize and Restyle service and Lengthening service.

Repair work to clothes is a personalised service

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