Curtains can sometimes be a real challenge particularly when what you love is just too long.

Let us help!

Unfortunately we can’t come to your house and measure for you, but we have developed a measuring guide policy to help you measure the length at which you would like your curtains hemmed, so you can have what you love.



To ensure the perfect fit for your Curtains, please follow the steps illustrated below to take the most accurate measurements possible:


Step 1: Hang all of your curtains on the Curtain Rod that you have installed.


Step 2: Measure the far left hand side of the Curtains from the top of the fabric to where you would like them to end (please do not measure from Curtain rod as grommets, hooks etc. can all be different lengths).


Step 3: Measure the far right hand of the Curtains from Top of Fabric to where you would like them to end.

Why measure both side of your window? – As much as we would like to believe our houses are built perfectly square, in our experience they are not. In order to have the curtains fall to the right length you must measure both sides and document if there is a difference.


Step 4:Click here and fill out the measurements on the page, print it, and bring this with you to us.


Fill details for Curtain alteration



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